Thomas Leoncini's work is a "journey that strives to render what is in essence inexplicable "
(Corriere della Sera)

"Thomas Leoncini is a modern chansonnier who writes without music... the music breathes through his lyrics"
(Channel 5 News)

"Thomas Leoncini has become a true literary sensation and does honor to himself for finding success on the Internet. His verses and his name chase one another across the globe"
(Il Tempo)

"Thomas Leoncini is now considered to be the only real poet of the new generation"
(Il Messaggero)

"Leoncini has a gift for writing poetry and prose with a distinctive rhythm, similar perhaps to a song... You're useful to them / Among Prozac and web / You're young today / They ask you only to forget about yourself... / Relaxed and satiated / There is no problem / They still prescribe a bit of Prozac and web"

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