Translated by Alexandra Shakespear

It burns my skin

Your eyes are small lakes,
hives of honey in the wind,
shining green almonds I can't look at.
Yet when I think of my love for you
it burns my skin,
the night and my shirt.
You embed yourself in me
like these stars
wound the frame
of the sunset...

Thomas Leoncini
Drunk (on you)

I just want to intoxicate myself on you,
I'm no good at anything else.
The truer 'me'
makes a comedy of what I see
and distorts my view.
They say that love is blind,
but if it touches you it will start to see
it doesn't want to lose the privilege
of falling in love...

Thomas Leoncini
If you were mine

If you were mine
you wouldn't suffice.
I prefer to imagine you on the platform of my senses
with every heartbeat, every step, every breath.
If you could be mine
I'd suffer all the more during my days;
I'd continue to search for that part of you
I felt mine
that was increasingly distant.

Thomas Leoncini
What I'm not

I'd like to be what I'm not
so as to give you
what I don't have.
But I decided to think of you,
cherish you within my breath
and hold you within my body
to keep you from slipping away
like a breath contained in a sigh.
I breathed your gentle breeze
so beautiful it was as it entered me...

Thomas Leoncini
To speak of love

I wonder how one can
speak of love ??
love does not speak.
Love is quiet, delicate,
it moves slowly.
It needs silence
to settle
on a breath,
before becoming prey
to the breath
that draws it in,
passing from the lungs
to arrive and touch the heart.

Thomas Leoncini
Ballad of an Irrepressible Soul

your spirit
left your eyes,
it has walked on cement,
and climbed upon my shoes
as far as my shirt.
It has undone every helpless button
and entered into my soul,
I have given you the part of me
you intended to steal
you have placed your feet
on my soul.
You can dance on it
if you like,
but take off your heels
do it barefoot...

Thomas Leoncini
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